startup-photoWelcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Chris Powell and I am a 30 year old online shopping consultant.  So what exactly does that mean?

I started out as a web developer working mostly with eCommerce clients, I loved building online stores  and helping clients get their businesses off the ground.  I like the challenges that are unique to an online store and the different approach you need to take in regards to SEO and marketing for them.

But…it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.  Building my business took a lot of time and energy, 12 hours days became the norm.  There were almost as many failures as there were successes in trying to grow my consultancy business.  I learned a lot over the years and as much as I loved what I did I missed spending time with my family and taking the odd vacation.  So what did I do?

Which Brings Me To The Creation of this Blog…

My goal now is to take my existing skill set in online marketing and consulting and teach others how to succeed.  I look at new trends and technologies to see what works and document everything here along the way.  I will try to show you what is effective and what is merely a waste of time.

This isn’t all about me, me, me.  There’s a ton of bad information out there and a lot of myths when it comes to making money online.  I hope to dispel some of that misinformation and help make your journey a success.